Friday, December 7, 2012


 Dressing up for the holidays just got more and more fun. And thats one of the reasons why holidays, and i mean all holidays year round are the best times of the year. I wore this outfit on a holiday, November 30, only applies in the PH though, to celebrate my stepfather's birthday. Since we dont have any idea on where we are going or what were gonna do, i went safe with cream or the neutrals.

 I figured that if we are going to go on a mountain top dinner, this long cardigan would be perfectly cozy, and if were just gonna spend in in the city, i can just take this off and wear the tank and denim shorts alone. I kinda missed my denim shorts, they are always the classics.

 Red in its luscious form in a Mary Jane stilettos, my sister drools on this pair of mine. Sadly for her, it doesnt fit her, she's one size bigger than me, though some of my shoes fits her.

 Aside from the fact that i really miss wearing denims, i also opted for it because i wanna hang my tanktop to flaunt its crocheted details. And also, please ignore the black rubber band, thats one band in my life i never take off. haha and as you can see of course, my arm party staple, is not much of a party, i feel naked without a watch.
 And no, i did not wear these heels the whole time, because the celebrant decided to dine at Mr.A , its a hilltop restaurant overlooking the city. Bingo for my cardigan!

 Floor length cardigan-F21
Denim Shorts-Old


Thanks to my photographer whom i dearly miss :)


  1. lovin the shoes girl!

    xo, Carla
    P.S. international giveaway on my blog, please come and join!

    1. Thanks and sure! :) I love them too as well, pretty comfy too for a stilleto!

  2. cute Coleen, i love long cardigans..

  3. So pretty! Loving that long cardi!


  4. Yes, I love Mr. A! So romantic at night but so gruesome when you bike your way there. Hahaha!


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