Tuesday, December 4, 2012


 As many of you know, our country is experiencing some typhoon right now, and well, as for me, i am curled up in bed the whole day watching my favorite show, too bad i wasnt able to stock up some groceries.
So to kill the time, here's another entry shot last Saturday. I wore this outfit on a very draining day, my sister and i was supposed to have our monthly wax done, but since its christmas season, Laybare, the waxing station had their christmas party and so, they were closed. haha so as per usual, me and my sister went window shopping, until we stumbled on f21's CRAZY SALE. Literally CRAZY SALE.

Good thing i was dressed up for shopping.

 I wanted to be fuss free, so i just put on some tank, my favorite, and this skirt, which i absolutely love, its soo comfortable yet sexy, but not really. Gets?
 Cinched on some glitter belt just to keep the look interesting, and not plain, though the skirt was enough, but i feel like i reallly should go with the belt. Agree?

 Some statement ring, given by my sister from Davao. I really love this ring, because its two in one, perfect for someone like me :)
 Tadah, the ring is actually a mirror, its FLIPPABLE. hahaha
 Some neons just to give color to my mute clothes.

Tank Top-Bazaar Finds
Belt-Fiesta Mall
Neon Sandals-Solemate
Earrings-Broadway Gems
Ring-From Sister
Necklace-Downtown Finds

What do you think about my shopping outfit?

Thanks to my beautiful sister for taking my photos :)


  1. Love your skirt, amazing look! :)


  2. I think it's because of the number of visits, or comments I leave that's why it goes to spam. I love your gold belt. I saw one in Park Mall but it's so 500, like omg! Will try dropping by in Fiesta Mall.

  3. My favorite outfit of yours!!!! LOVE it!!!


  4. good thing you added a pop of color via the sandals :D


  5. Gorgeous outfit! I love that ring! Its such a good idea haha! You have a new follower xx



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