Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Acquisitions: Part One

 A round up of acquisitions on a mid month of December makes sense right? I mean, its December after all and i dont wanna bore you guys on the 30th with a very long list of acquisitions haha
Since its December, shopping is everywhere. Or more like shoppers are everywhere haha the christmas lights and decors the christmas tunes, the excitement when you see something and your heart beats and says, its christmas im getting these! hahaha same old line.  Okay soo, here's a fool me making the season a reason! hahaha
 Lace bralette from F21 Intimates
you gotta stock up some for those sheer tops, or those loose tops.
 f21 Tank Top, i love that it is twisted at the back making it look like a bow? somehow! i love peek-a-boo's or surprised at the back when it comes to clothes, and theseee are soo perfect for our upcoming street party, the festival that Cebu is best known of: SINULOG!
 F21 Knitted Cover Up, can go from daylight to nighttime :) And i love em fringe details
 Beaded Mesh Cropped Top from F21
 And another fringe i cannot resist! from F21
 Polka Dot Dress from F21
 Gold Sneakers from Juice (SM Dep. Store)
 Aztec Cover up-Camisa
 F21 cut-out dress
 F21 Lace dress
 The Holiday Flats! from Solemate (SM Dept. Store)

So you might be wondering why i have a LOT of F21 in my acquisitions for the first half, let me tell you something for those who did not know, F21 just had the most CRAZY sale in the world! Imagine items slashed @ 50% off, and slashed to another 50% off AGAIN! did you get me? I went gaga inside! hahah me my mom and my sister did! I mean seriously! I am totally waiting for that kinda sale to go back and im expecting maybe after christmas? You'll see!

The Shopping Buddy! Gaga herself! Kidding!

 A peplum top, yes thats a peplum top, from Stylista's Closet. Thats just a bow detail at the back. :)
 A gift from Ceejay! A fashion design student in our school in her Sophomore years. She likes to get me as her muse for her fashion shows, and i really appreciate that she gives me something like a token or honorarium during her shows, and this is just the latest, also from the latest show i participated with her :) More on that soon. Pretty soon!
 Long Mullet Top from Surplus Shop in SM, they also sell overruns from international brands like, H&M, F21, American Eagle and this haha
 and lastly for the first half, a cropped top from American Eagle Outfitters also from Surplus Shop, great for my high waist bottoms!

What have you got so faR?



  1. I really love the Holiday sale but not the rush.

    1. HI Chy! I think the rush is one of the reasons why we feel christmas-y, aside from the music! haha :)

  2. What an adorable haul! I can't wait to see them all on you in future posts. :) Also that gigantic Christmas tree is gorgeous!



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