Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue like I've never Known

 Finally got to wear this dress for a spin on a Saturdate! :) Fun filled if you may ask!
Now i before i start blabbing about how much fun i had , lets talk about the dress first, this dress, i call this the sailor dress, it reminds me so much of sailing, i dont know maybe it because white and blue in stripes, this dress would go perfectly with my red stilettos as seen in my last post, agree? and a small scarf to go, but since i dont wanna go overdressed and not to mention so out of the occasion, i just decided to keep it simple, like this huge blood red belt, agree?

 Annnnd, to keep the "sailor" vibe, and when sailing it means sea, i donned some pearl earrings, and some hand crafted shell necklace which by the way is a gift from the loving boyfriend on the first year since we met. Yes we are cheesy like that! hahaha
 Caught mid-speech again! haha but i tell you i got far more worse pictures here in my hard drive haha
 Lastly, instead of the red pumps, i opted for this yummy low heeled wedges from Janylin, i looove them to death, so as you can see, i am really committed to fill my shoe stand with low heeled shoes. I am also a sucker for bow details! Since i am just going for my monthly wax, of course with the sister, it was Saturday and the waxing salon was jam packed! So along with my beau, we filled in our stomachm after a gruesome bumpcar ride in SM! ahaha okay im exaggerating the gruesome part, but hey imagine stepping the pedal in these! And not to mention i had a passenger beside me which *coughs* is 5 feet 11 inches tall , too big not to drive his own bump car *coughs* kidding! haha
Shoes-Pedro by Janilyn
Bag-Fiesta Mall
Earrings-Broadway Gems



  1. I love your dress and I also need to fill my shoe cabinet with more flats.

  2. lovely outfit! Supercute shoes! xx

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love it all!



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