Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

Happy New Year everyone! Here's a photodiary of the highlights of my year in 2012. :)

Recapping to see how much we've grown and how much we've changed and the countdown begins!
If you guys want more photos and full stories, you can click the bold letters and it will send you directly to the past! <3

Finally got some balls to PERM my hair for the first time! Which im gonna be doing again this year! :)

A surprise from the boyfriend which was outside the country way back then! :) And which also changed the course of our relationship because i believe that distance is really a test on ones relationship, how much youre willing to sacrifice for the other, if you can be loyal despite the loneliness. And im proud to say i have survived 6 months of sleepless nights because of Skype and because of different timezones and because of this our relationship was stronger, strong enough, hard to throw away, and because of this, we had lots of time to talk about anything under the  sun, updating whats happening here and what's happening there, it built a bond called friendship and since then he became my bestfriend.


My dream shoot! Bridal CLicks 2012

Going to prom with my siblings @ 21! hahaha can you beat that? My ever so loving brother asked me to be his date (ginawa akong dream girl! patay tayo!) and my sister was asked also by my bro's schoolmate! So lo and behold!
truly once in a lifetime!
 My first levitation shoot!

and my brother graduating in Highschool in Royal Blue! Bonggels!
My cousin which only comes to Cebu every summer! We grabbed the chance and went malling together  with my siblings! Did a little shopping, and eating! for the first time yan ha!

All we do before is see each other at home (our lola's) eat, and watch movies together! its nice to go out naman on a different scene :)

Finally invested on some flats! hahah
And this Clothes Off dress was one for the books!

see photodiary here , here , here and here.
The acquaintance party! Where earlier that day i was involved by a car accident/vehicle accident so i had to improvise my outfit because i had a huge booboo in my shoulders and despite my bruised body and not to mention the question mark if i have some fractures on my bones as i cannot move my shoulders, despite all that i had to wear my killer red stilettos and flash some smile! haha see full story here.


August is supposed to be a happy month for me because it is my birthmonth after all, but starting this 2012 it will always be bittersweet, i can't believe the first time i'd step foot in Manila would be to see my father's deceased body, not to mention to see him for the first time in my life ever. I just wished we were given the chance to see each other in person. :( read the story here you can also see photodiary of my manila trip c/o instagram here and

Of course getting a year older is always a blessing.
Aside from meeting my long lost father, i also got to meet my long lost siblings, probably one of the best thing happened this year and also setting foot in Davao! :)
Found myself again in CAFA's annual fashion show! :)

Marian's 21st! Its always a fun night being reunited with my favorite girls! 

we rarely get the chance to be complete as a family since im living in my lola, and this intimate dinner with the fam bam would be one of the best!

Opening December
and capping December in F21 goodies! 
And lastly Steam Punk Fashion Show, it was truly a highlight for me because ive never went this DARK.
Hope you guys enjoyed my recap!
I would love to hear your thoughts though about an entry on the best acquisitions on 2012. yes? Haha



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