Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some Epic Failures

So what is this creepy doll doing in my blog? I dont know. Chillin maybe?
Okay i know, corny! Haha Let me tell you something about this doll, this doll is one of the decorations of a recent party i attended. The concept was Asylum so duh? Obviously! Haha

So whats with the title?
Well to put the embarrassing story short the party failed. Haha or maybe i dont really know, by 12am we got our asses out there because the place isnt close to full! I mean most of the people there were only the organizers! Haha

Though i would just like to share with you guys, no matter how the party failed, we still shared few laughs, along with my friends, whom i just reunited with! theyve been a really busy bee to its so hard to catch them! :)

 Me and my sister love, on her first party! Sorry it failed dear. Till next? Haha
 Me and Carlo
 Christine and Karlo

Yes! Our boyfriends share the same name with different letters though. Christine is one of my college bestfriends :)
 This is Chad, my minion! Just kidding!! One of my good friends:)
 Can you see how EMPTY the place is? hahah psssh
 My sister all made up haha
 Though they looked a lot more like sisters than me! Hahahaha

 I hope i didnt bore you guys out with out pictures! Haha anyway the place isnt really accessible you know so maybe thats why. Though on a positive note, i managed to snap some photos from their comfort room! Its too cute not to!
Can you just see this bowl cover? Hahah

 Hand Painted Walls
 Their Powder Room

This is the only part of the club where i want to be. Seriously hahaha



  1. I guess what matters most is the company, not the place. As long as you has fun out with your friends it's all good! haha Followed you. xx


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