Monday, November 26, 2012

Never say Never

 There's something about long sleeves polo that makes an outfit, chic, neat, smart. I just cant quite put myfinger on it. A few years ago, i promised myself i would never buy long sleeves polo, because its not me, and i dont really think id look good on it. But lately, or recently, it became a huge hit, specially the printed ones, sheer polo's also. Since fashion is always evolving, innovating, you can never say no.
In Fashion, never say never.

 I wore this outfit in one of my Friday-scapades! As per usual, the sun has set when i set foot on the grounds of I.T Park for some relaxation. The bazaars are up once again. In time for christmas :)

 Because i miss accessorizing, thought id give my fingers some beauty!

 And some statement necklace. I wanted to wear heels that day and i also miss wearing these one year old baby. Which killed my feet later that night. Boo.
 Though i am quite happy with how my outfit turned out since i thought of grabbing all the pieces i havent worn just yet. Thankful that these two went perfectly well with each other.

 As you can see, my shutterbuddy is improving on his night shots.! Kudos to that!
Shorts-Fiesta Mall
Heart Ring-F21
Laced up ankle Booties-Figliarina

Much love to my figlia, figliarina and M.Nicole shoes!



  1. Cute sweater.
    I love reading your posts.
    I am a long-time follower here.
    I hope you can follow back.

  2. Cute outfit! Love the shoes!


  3. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  4. This is such a fun and playful look! Love the mix of colors and patterns, plus those shoes are awesome!



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