Sunday, November 4, 2012


 Oh my god! I am wearing gladiator flats!! I dont really find them appealing to my feet, but i was bored and tried fitting on these babies, and surprsingly the fit me very well, or maybe its because of my fresh silver pedi? Haha Im feeling the christmas spirit! So of course its a sure sale for SM since theyre selling these for 200P steal! Bingo!!
 I personally love this photo (too bad its blur) so to match the blurness drama, i added some BW effect. Haha Look at how my skirt danced with the wind. Chos!

 Anyway on to my outfit! Wore this ensemble for a laidback feel, ive been meaning to wear this skirt for the longest time! But i always end up changing into something else. But heyy, i made it outside! Haha i actually DIY-ed one of the slits! Haha i didnt like the single slit, because the skirt is not  body hugging. I was really having a hard time looking for a top to go with this skirt, but thankfully, as i reached the bottom of my drawers i saw this old cut out ribbed top, in cream! So neutrals go with stripes? YES! haha I believe so in my own personal opinion hahahaha
 I dont wanna go super bare so i grabbed some necklace just because. Aside from my staple accessories which is the watch and earrings, i just feel naked without them! OVER hahaha
 Dont you love the details? Yes? Okay. Hahaha

Skirt-Grace Apple
Flats-Solemate (SM Department Store)

So did i pull this off??
please tell me yes! 
Okay kidding aside k hahaha



  1. Love the top!! Sexy :)


  2. very nice :D

  3. I love your skirt! Mine na!! Haha!


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