Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hospital Bed

 What do you wear to nurse *cough* i mean spend the day, or the night at the hospital?
Dont get me wrong, there's no such thing as dresscode here or something, but you know, i always want to look stylish but comfortable at the same time. Teehee.

So what do you wear?
First of call you should consider comfort.
Second, consider the temperature, (seriously?) haha but yes, hospitals are tend to be cooler than normal airconditions right? Or maybe its just me and my low tolerance of aircon haha

As we speak right now, my boyfriend, Carlo, is currently confined at the hospital because of his tonsils. I seriously dont know that the term for his illness though. haha but he is on a soft diet. Booho!
So on his first night, i agreed to be his watcher, but all i really did was sleep and run to the nurse station to get him hot water and fill his jug with water. And of course spoonfed a little *cheeeseey*
 Now on to my outfit: To dress the part, i went for layering tank tops! Because me have low tolerance for colddd temperature, and some robe or long cardigan, and some faux leather leggings from OASAP with such amazing details!
 Sheer inset! Makes the look tough but sexy!
Did i mention that this leggings dont cost a fortune?
 Can you just see how comfortable this ensemble is? I didnt need a blanket to sleep. Because the tank i layered and the cardigan i wore was enough to hug me to sleep.
 Lastly, im supposed to wear flats, but i felt like wearing heels, low heeled. So i put on this old wedges on and im good to go! For those who are following me on Instagram would know that i used my boyfriends huge slippers in running around the station for his hot water and of course around the room haha
Tank Tops-OLD
Sunnies-RayBan (fake!)

What's do you think?


  1. I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it!
    Following you on GFC!
    I really love your leggings and shoes!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

    1. hello dear lucie! Thank you very much! and you may purchase this leggings on the link above. click the word oasap :)


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