Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deck the halls with Fringe and Gold

 Ho Ho Ho.
Feeling the christmas spirit already? :)
I know i am, though its a little too late for me to feel, usually i can feel it when BER months kicks in.

 Last Friday, i decided to get out of me bed, as i have a bed attachment syndrome. Yes, i could sleep whole day. And this semester i have no classes every friday, how cool is that?
And because i am currently reading Fifty Shades Trilogy by El James, i went dreamy and thought of spending my afternoon somewhere i can read.
Though i ended up on the nearest McDonalds because i was too lazy to go beyond South, or outside South.
T'was a pretty bad choice because the people there were students that couldnt help but blab! Though i cant blame them, because its a Fast Food Restaurant. I shouldve opted for a coffee shop, but ive strained away for coffee now, except at home if i have to wake up early in the morning.

So what to wear for an afternoon of sulking in books?

 I wanted something dressy but since i have duties to my closet to wear things i havent worn ever. There's still a lot of them so..
 I donned on a sheer top with fringe details, and a quilted gold high waist shorts.
 I wanted to wear heels but then i figured that i might be going to Ayala later that night and i did! haha Specially when i learned there was a sale going on. I couldnt resist it. So i wore flats!
 The fringe details are nowhere to be seen but those little gold balls on my top, theyre hanging from the fringe. Pardon us, as we are still figuring out how to work night shots!
To keep things fuss free, i opted for my gold cuffs. One of my faves.
Since the top was a bit of v-neck, i put on my leopard bandeau.
Quilted Gold Shorts-Asos
Accessories-Downtown Finds
Leopard Bandeau-F21

thanks to my shutterbuddy


  1. Hi Coleen! I LOVE these shorts! Your beautiful! I am now following via gfc, if you'd like follow back.


  2. you're looking so gorgeous, i loev your shorts. and of course, we can follow each other. i'm already following you so now i'm waiting for you to follow me back. see ya. xoxo

  3. I love your shorts and I love The Terraces now! It's so Holidaze!!


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