Saturday, November 17, 2012

Caught in Blinding Colors

Just a exaggerating the blinding colors part! Thought getting caught mid speech in all my photos are not exaggerating! Haha
Wore this today, yes today at school. And i chose to post this up now. Just to have some quick meetings with my groupmates for a major requirement we have to come up.
 I figured since i had to deal with school, i went for pants! This floral pants how i missed them! They were placed on hold in a plastic bag because the zippers gave up on me. Talk about poor quality, says my tailor. Tsk. Though finally after how many months i managed to squeeze some time to a trip to the tailor shop and get this done!

And also, i really feel like wearing oversized tops doesnt really work for me, dont you think?
I had to sell this when i got home, and i had an instant buyer. Can you guess who? My mom! Haha sounds so wrong right? But thats how we roll! Just kidding. Okay maybe i kid around and told her to buy this and she willingly joked around too! And left me an extra paper bill for my weekly allowance. So maybe that was it? Hahaha

Moving on, (no not really) i feel like im regretting selling it to her? Nah. Its just me and my hunger for clothes. Wrong. So wrong.

Well to put an icing to my not so boring oversized neon pink top, i added this lovely neckpiece which i havent dared use so far until this boring top appeared! haha and voila. I think i did justice. For now teehe!

 Sunnies-Bazaar Finds
Floral Pants-SM Ladies
Shoes-Solemates (STUDS are proudly DIY-ED)
Accessories-Downtown Finds

Finally after all the buzz has stopped on the Fifty Shades Trilogy, im done with the first book!



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