Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skin Deep

Once upon a trend, i totally swore to myself i would never ever buy or join the snakeskin trend. But well hey! This is actually my 3rd snakeskin print, i got a shorts for my first snakeskin, and another shorts, then a pants, and now a top?? Haha Did i mention i got this on a Buy one take one sale downtown? :) Its actually very simple up front, the back details are just to die for. And with the price of 250 and Buy one take one, who am i to say no?
 Forgive my flabs, ive been such a pig lately! hahaha Wore this outfit to school, despite of our semestral break, i still have some clearance to clear lol corny! I seriously dont know what i was thinking pairing snakeskin pants with this floral pants thats sooo sweet you know? I think this is one of my bipolar outfits. I guess haha
 Piled on this cute rings Downtown:)
 And my IT bag from Accesorize which can carry all the stuffs i need, that also includes flats ;)
 Floral pants from SM GTW
 DTI Bazaars bracelets

And my Solemate DIY flats! Yes, i got them @ SM department store. I think you guys have seen this shoes on my blog na. I DIY-ED the gold studs and tried to form a heart which is an epic fail. haha it looked like a digital heart though. Please agree! hahah

If you are from Cebu i am pretty sure you are familiar with Larsians, or youre supposed to know! Hello? Haha But if not, Larsians is a Barbeque Haven in Cebu, it is composed of stalls of different ate's and kuya's, manongs and manangs, who sells BBQ (of course) haha and recently they went under construction but we found out that they are already open. They placed the grilling area at the center to avoid the smoke clogging up inside! It is very affordable and delissssh!

 Very well lit now. Haha though i couldnt really compare the difference hahaha but the tables are all uniformed in plastic now :)
 Hungry boy and Hungry girl!

 Carlo's cute cup :) Complimentary soup! hahah

 Our ate slash kuya! The boyfriend brought me here because he says that theyve been dining with them TWO BROTHERS since he was a kid!
Bon Apetit!



  1. thanks for following me :)) love your pants by the way! :))

  2. omg this pics are great and you're lookign soooo sweet. btw, i liek your blog . what do you think about following each other?

  3. Nothing wrong with following trends ;-) especially if they look good on one..
    I don't own any snake-skin, but should I consider. They look so feminine, but I am not sure if I can pull it off hehe

    Followed you!~ hope you can visit my blog as well :-)

    Love, Sally

  4. You meant aizilym (is that the correct spelling) when you said downtown accessories?


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