Saturday, October 13, 2012

Royally Yours

 Finally free from finals and school and stressful and super looooong days!! And about time im back to blogging, i havent really feeling it lately, and i really dont wanna force myself to blog if im not in the mood, words wont flow. hahah anyhow, what did i miss? I think i miss a lot!

I have been such a busy bee that i couldn't even manage to squeeze in some time to take some outfit shots from my day to day last week. Too bad, really bad! hahah

Though on the ligther note, i pampered myself today with a little shopping trips just to reward myself for this semester. Because in all honestly, i feel like this is the toughest semester i have encountered, or maybe its because i am more focused this sem than ever, but i also have major subjects to consider. So yea, its really tough, say events where we have to organize events as a final requirement, and come up with a perfect proposal and everything. Tough. Now whoever said that Tourism Management is for girls who's lazy enough and who only knows how to put on make up? Please!
I beg to disagree! hahah
Though im taking a break yapping about finals! Haha sorry guys im just really frustrated with school lately, im not entirely free since i have a clearance to comply for my sake!

 Wore this dress for a night out with the beau and his friends. Who doesnt love cut-outs? Haha though on this dress theyre just soo subtly sexy yes?

 And then decided to go matchy matchy with my shoes which i absolutely love!

 Forgive me for this i was just playing sexy! hahaha

Cut-out dress-Charlotte Russe

The shoes are actually pretty comfortable, given the fact that its a high stilleto, there's actually something soft inside for your soles, and this shoes can serve two purposes, one: if you wanna go bare, just the blue pumps, that's actually possible, because the flower is detachable, cool right? I have an outfit shot prepared for that so watch out how this shoes go bare(w.o flower)
two:if you just wanna go all out, ta-dahhhh! haha

hope you all had a lovely time!


  1. Sexy Coleen! I love the blue hue! or maybe you actually look so good in it the blue color seems better! :) I love the heels also! Miss ko na magheels!! :'(

    The Misty Mom

    1. Thanks Shari! :) You should wear it when you want to! gives us boost you knw:)

  2. I love the dress, Coleen! So sexy! And yes, Phoebe's cupcakery is in Cebu, it's across Tymad Bistro in Ma Luisa Road. Just search them on facebook for more information. =)


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