Monday, October 1, 2012

Recent Acquisitions: High Five

After a long hiatus AGAIN! Here i am with another series of Recent Acquisitions! Just a few of what i got from the second half of September, I know i said that i'll quit buying things because of me and my boyfriends DEAL hahaha But i am just sooo weak. But hey this is a progress. 5 items for the second half of the month. :)

 I'm all for surprises soo im just gonna show you prints! :)
So here's my what hit me to the knees. Printed Suit from SM GTW.
 Thrifted Top
 I.T Park Bazaar Peplum Top
 V for V Snakeskin Top
Thrifted Tulle Skirt in Mint

So i have 2 weeks left before vacations and one week to cram for Finals! Though on a very lighter note, i will be participating on CAFA's annual fashion show :) I had my fitting just last Saturday and im very excited with what im gonna wear as what the designer described, matte gold fishtail/mermaid gown! Its also a tough challenge for me because i dont think ive ever ramped a mermaid gown in my life hahah i think its a little hard specially if the fabric is not stretchy.

More on that soon! Rehearsals are coming up and of course Shoe Shopping, c/o The Designer!
I am just soooo excited! :)



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  2. I love the first flowery pattern! very pretty as well as the mint one!

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  3. I like the mint skirt! Retail therapy before exams, FTW!


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