Sunday, October 21, 2012

One Claypot House

October is really festive for me. One reason is that i have about 5 loved ones who turns a year older this month. Not only that , it's also a college student's much awaited break, for my recent post here you can see that my boyfriend turned 22 last October 10, but on this post, last October 6, one of my girl friends celebrated her 21st birthday, just right to kick off the month.

And we had our get together/birthday celeb @ One Claypot House, a very tiny restaurant here in Cebu, but serves delish foods! NO kidding! Though the restaurant is super tiny that it cannot accommodate large number of guests :(

This is how it really looks like. :) Neat right?
Grace Kelly. Chandelier. Its really perfect. The setting, the atmosphere, though it's best to go there for dates, or maybe in a group of four? haha the place is really tiny. But the food is superb!


This is their specialty, its called the Lah Lah Lah Claypot. Its a mixture of rice and sliced hard boiled egs, with leafy veggies, i think thats pechay, similar to cabbage hahah and i cant really figure out the sauce but i swear its soooo delish! Paired with their Chicken wings. SUPERB! That calls for a happy tummy. They also serve this weird drink called Jasmine Tea Rose? If im not mistaken. Haha Its pink, and it tastes like rose. Like literally. It has an odd taste. But all in all its good :)

Credits to the owner of these photos i just googled them! Haha

The birthday girl and her cake, and us readying our cameras for Instagram! haha    Can you spot me? Im on print on print!


  1. hi cutie~ Love your blog!


  2. Nice! I'll make sure that when I visit Cebu, I'll check this place out.
    Also, do they offer a particular kind of cuisines ba?


    1. I think they offer thai malaysian? I am not sure :)on facebook they have directions there, its not located anywhere near the streets or malls :)

  3. Sad to know that.. :( let's give it another try.. ;))

  4. Thanks for this blog post! Come back very soon!

  5. Been here lots of times. Miss eating here na.

    1. Same here. Im really crazy with the lah lah claypot and the chick wings :D


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