Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October through Instagram

1. Cafa Fashion Show that i recently participated
2.New Spiked Cuffs in Mint
3. Marian Mei's Birthday!
4.New Sandals (Gladiator) New Fave! <3
5. New purchased app! New Apple ID. Bokehful App effect :)
6.Legit Songs from iTunes (Taylor Swift)

1. Make up from the Fashion Show (looove)
2.Carlo's Birthday!
3. L.A Girl Lippie
4.Enjoying some Japanese dish!
5.Ayala early in the morning
6.Face Crayon obsession!

 1.Slim rings!
2.Carlo's Batchoy at last!
3.Mint manicure at last! ahaha
4.Book im currently reading but done with. Mancode:exposed!
5.Reunited with my old minion! JK! i mean buddy! Hi chad if youre reading this! I love you! :)
6.First Tea! White Taro <3


  1. Great photos :D


  2. Interesting blog:)Was also in the Identity Fashion Show, didn't mingle a lot with non-CAFA people though, too bad. Support and love to a fellow Cebuana blogger.



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