Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mustard and Lime

 For some reasons I hate mustard, its sooo icky, but when mustard hit the racks of the clothes section, i had to have a change of heart! I began to love the color. Its poppin and most of all, shining. I feel like it makes everything bright! Soo, i wore this ensemble, just a simple ensemble to school, but striking colors. Mustard and Lime, just to brighten another gloomy day caused by the bipolar weather :)

 BTW, this photo is just a failed attempt of Carlo trying to take super zoomed shots! hahah

 When i was trying to figure out what to wear for school or simply what to pair for my new (then) lime jeans, the weather was so cold and of course the 3 hour class in a cold classroom too, i decided id go for this mustard top which i rarely use. To my surprise the weather was hot when i got outside! And, the aircon from our classroom was busted! Talk about fashion mishaps! hahaha Series of unfortunate events.

 But say hello to another gloomy weather that was approaching us later that day! hahaha
 Favorite flats!

Top-Fiesta Mall
Flats-Solemates via SM Dept. Store
Of course Photos by Carlo Lopez
who wanted his picture taken here at the stockroom of booze! tsk tsk tsk! haha



  1. Love the combination, coleen :) You pulled it off!

    The Misty Mom

  2. I like your jeans! And I hate the gloomy weather! =(

  3. cute jeans.. yea talk about bipolar weather... you look so adorable!

    xo, Carla

  4. What a stunning color combination! Love the addition of the shoes...they add such a surprising touch of perfection xx

    Twenties Girl Style
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  5. Love the shoes! x


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