Thursday, October 25, 2012

Minty Fresh

 Floral Print has become one of the top trends right now, OBVIOUSLY! haha In fact, my closet is somehow dominated in Floral, Pants, Top, Shorts, Skirt, Dresses! Name it. Blazer. So how do you match them flowers? Its actually easy as 123 haha because i think you can really match everything with everything, as long as you are confident i really think you can pull anything off! lol

 Remember my post about this shoes here? This is the bare faced of my shoes. It makes a big difference right?
 Wore this ensemble to a laid back sunday with le boyfriend, eating streetfoods! sans the heels of course, and thriftshopping uptown.

 Paired this lovely floral skirt with a DIY top, this was actually a long sleeve top, but then i cut the sleeves and et voila! You have a sheer top :) Teehee
Whenever i fix my closet i always pick some things to be DIY-ed. and i only fix my closet when im bored. Hahaha
 I am still drooling over these heels! I mean, 2 in 1? You can have it bare which gives you a classic royal blue pumps, or you can have the flower and you have glamorous pumps!
Sheer Top-DIY
Floral Skirt-OASAP



  1. Floral is definitely a must-item.. It's a bit bolder than other items, but paired with something simple and it looks really nice! I don't like to pair it with something that has too many patterns. Loving your DIY top, wouldn't have thought that it's altered! :)

    - Sally

  2. very cute outfit, you look great! very bright and cheerfull :)

  3. Hi!! Great blog!! Congrats!! I've just followed your blog!! Do you want to check mine too or follow me?? :)

  4. very gorgeous lady! witwit!

  5. so cute outfit! I am following you:) you can follow me back here


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