Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lazy Red Days

 Howdy! Lazy days calls for lazy dressing? Not really, today's post is about today actually. hahah i just wanted to post this nice and quick. Im such a lazy ass lately. Well since break started. My cam is acting up. AGAIN! fudge! Wore this day to a lazy lunch with my mom and me, followed by a lazy coffee afternoons with playlists on and pigging out later that night which made me even more lazyyyy. Sighs.


 Since i wasnt expecting a red day, i woke up and felt like wearing heels, and of course grabbed my clothes that needs to see the light of day (means clothes i havent worn) hahaha sorry for the poor quality of photos. everything is so lazy :/ hahaha even too lazy to pose for outfit shots hahah

So, i wanted to play pastel, which is a total fail. Grabbed my pastel pink tank top from Forever 21, gifted by my childhood friend, im so proud to say lang ha?! haha and paired it with my cream crocheted shorts and some colorblock heels, my IT bag, the look was plain boring i must admit, and the tank was bulgy because its too big for me even if it was size small, so i grabbed some vest, made with genuine leather which had me at love at first sight that now got me at throw at first use! hahah kidding! but yes, i am disposing it, i also figured none of my friends would be interested if i sell it to my Raid my closet section! hahah but if you do, gimme an email. Its a pretty dirty cheap price :)

 My new mint spiked cuffs which i got! Downtown! hahaha, the joys of dirty shopping :)
And my AsianVogue colorblock heels! :)

Anyhooo, i need to go! my eyes are hurting. Damn you hormones!


  1. Love your shorts and shoes ^^


  2. Mana ka sa mom mo maganda :-)

    You're expecting your period? damn pms its murder!


  3. very cute outfit! i love your lace shorts and the shoes, so gorgeous :)

  4. Love your shorts and your momma is so pretty! =)

  5. hi gorgeous~ Love your style~



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