Saturday, October 20, 2012


It is that time of that year again. October. Calls for final examinations, final requirements and the likes. But in this case, finals has already wrapped up for a week now. And this time of the year, holds the annual CAFA (College of Fine Arts and Architecture) I hope im right hahah
As a final requirement of the Fashion Design students, they have to come up with two designs and will held the annual CAFA Fashion Show, every October. I am not sure if i have posted my first CAFA Fashion Show, but this year, i participated again! Thanks to my old designer who recommended me :)

It is always an honor to help one of my fellow Carolinians for their final requirement:)

So here's what i wore.
Designed by CJ Hizon.
A matte gold mermaid gown, with CD's (recycled) attached. This year's theme is called: IDENTITY.
Conventional and Unconventional.
I am wearing the Unconventional Design :)



Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)



  1. You look very pretty and the designer did a great job! this was in Ayala diba? tanaw ta ko dah :D

    1. Hello Steph! Yes in terraces. It rained that night lang. Too bad gyud! Thanks Steph! Its her first Fashion Show and first design and yes i really think so too! :)


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