Friday, September 7, 2012

The Search is On

LBD- or the little black dress.
How important is the little black dress?
The "LBD" should be a staple in every womans closet. Why? Because its sexy, classy and fierce.
In my part i have a big number of LBD collection in my closet, because when i started modeling (im not the long legged model type, just the model with a limited height! hahahaha ) LBD's are very essential, and useful when it comes to go-sees or what you call screening. Choosing, picking for models.
I am not quite sure if i have already posted an entry in this blog about LBD, but i think not. So here is my first LBD for you guys, which i wore to the screening of Miss Resorts World Philippines (and no, i did not get it because the measurement staff called me 'cute' and the judges see me as 5'3" with heels :( im a 5'3" flat )

Aside from the LBD being essential to every women and especially models, whats also essential is the BBB, or the Big Black Bag. Each model are expected to ALWAYS bring an LBD, a pair of bikini, and high heels, because go-sees can be anytime. But anyway i dont really follow those things because for one, im a freelancer and second, my height is not in demand hahahaha though in my case, i have BPB, Big PINK Bag! My favorite! :)

 (hello freshly waxed underarm! haha)

Another essential is the Nude Heels, because nude always go with everything, though i dont think that nude+nude does though! hahah thats just my opinion! :D
Second is of course the black heels, silver heels, and gold heels and white heels.

I know you all are digging this cut out dress! And so am i! Hahah i have received tons of emails, and PM's about where i got this! I actually got this at Gaisano Grand , the one near my place! :D And guess for how much? 500 PESO STEAL! Yes?
The cut-out details are very striking! And not only that, i didnt have to wear any accessories, specially necklace, except earrings though (theyre my staple accessory)


I am soo excited because ill be having this trip to Davao which i cant believe its really happening! MORE on that SOON! :)
I am also excited because Lissa Kayahon of Scenestealer together with Parisian is having a Parisian Giveaway! I am a fan of Parisian, and they are giving away 2 pairs of Rajo Laurel's new shoe-gasmic collection!
All you have to do is to submit a picture of yourself wearing your fave pairs of Parisian shoes! Send many as you can! And i am super excited to formulate outfits for my 3 Parisian Shoes! :D
The giveaway gave me an inspiration, so win or lose! I am having fun!


Photos by Carlo Lopez


  1. Cute dress

  2. Really? The dress is from Gaisano as in Metro Gaisano? Haha!

    OMG. Wala gani ko kaabot ug five and you are way taller than me in person. Looking sexy, Coleen! =)

    1. Yes! No not the Metro. Gaisano Grand. The same Gaisano in Punta, Tabunok, Minglanilla and the one in Mandaue :) Not the Metro the one in Ayala no. ehehe Unbelievable right? I like to check every store hahaha

      I am actually 5'3" lang. Flat, so if mag heels depends sa icnhes sa heels hehe thanks Cheryl :)

  3. Hiii!<3Thank you so much for your cute comment,you are so pretty too!I'm glad to follow you!kisses

  4. Good luck on that giveaway you're joining. You're right, the cut out details on your dress is stunning and daring. I don't think I can pull it off though. :3 I'm 5"3 too and I get frustrated that I'm not tall enough to venture into modeling as well but I figure, this is best since my boyfriend's only 5"5.

    BTW, sure, I'd love for us to follow each other. Just tell me when you have and I'll follow back. :)

    1. Thanks Adly! :) Of course you can, the key to pull off any outfit is to feel good about yourself! and most of all confidence! :) Same dilemma here, and my boyfriend is 5'11" haha

      FOllowed :)

  5. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  6. Hi babe, wow so sexy black dress... love it, it suits you well well i hope i have that kind of body again ng masiwalat ko ang katawan ko chozzz!

    1. Hahaha! Just wear whatever is comfortable :)

  7. hey ! this dress looks amazing on you hot!
    I'd love to follow each other, what do u think ??

    xxx Ros.e.

  8. oh myyyy.. fiesta!! sos kng naa pko cebu naa nko love the dress!! :)

  9. you have a great blog love:-)

  10. Following u now dear!
    Waiting for u to follow back...

  11. dress is amazing and you are very pretty,
    but maybe with another bag)


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