Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent Acquisitions: September Hiatus

Yes, I figured to take a break of doing the thing i love most. Treasure Hunting or simply shopping. Even if i am a very thrifty and smart shopper (or so i think! haha) i know for myself that i need a break haha, my wallet needs a break too.

So here are the last acquisitions from the remains of my birthday money, got some stuffs earlier and some are given :)

Hope you enjoy!
Just got back from Davao, so expect a little photodiary soon. And yes it is little :)

 Crochet WHITE Dress from SM GTW :)
Got this baby on sale at the racks of SM, 300 peso steal!
Ive been drawn to white lately. You'll see why on the next few photos hahaha
 The 200P Marked Down Paddocks Lime SKinnies :)

 By Details Lace Maxi Dress :)

 Red Cloche Hat from SM Acc
 F21 Tank, a gift from my childhood friend Arpee :)

 Shorts- a downtown find. Yes. Dirty Cheap ;)
 SM GTW Pants on SALE ! Haha
 WAGW Polo
 A gift from my stepmother Tita Rachel of Davao :)

Ring and Mirror in ONE? YES! A gift also from my sister from Davao! Leera <3 I was so senti when she gave me this i almost cried! haha

So till the last month of October for another round of Recent Acquisitions! This is the last till October 31st ;)


  1. Love the new finds, Coleen! Can't wait for your OOTD's from these haul.

  2. i love love LOVE everything :) the lime skinnies look so cute! great finds :)
    i'm now following you hun, follower #58. thanks for visiting my blog <3


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