Friday, September 21, 2012

Davao Photo Diary

On my previous post, i have mentioned that I am going to Davao. And yes i just did last weekend. That trip really turned my life around as i get to meet 4 of my other siblings for the first time, on my Dad's side. At first i was very scared because we might not get along with the others, except for our younger bro who kept on calling me before i flew to Davao, to Kuya whom i met at my father's funeral in Manila, and Leera, being used to the only girl, might be intimidated by my existence! haha yes thats actually how i feel at first! But no, they had me at hello haha kidding, it was a very warm welcome! it was a very pleasant stay and id love to say that we, the five of us, clicked justt right!

So here are my personal photos with my siblings and of course Davao's rich and scenic history :)
Have fun!

Traveling Heels :)
 Colorblock Heels from Urbanog

 A place for meditation :)

 Brothers <3
 My eldest brother :)

 And the youngest brother <3
 With Tita Belle, in her 70's i salute her for driving us around Davao and of course for fetching me at the airport.
 Dear Sister, the one who gave me the ring/mirror <3
 Overlooking a part of Davao.
 Cool right?

 Cool as a clam. Like a boss! ahaha
Top-American Eagle from Christine :)
Pants-SM GTW
VS Bag

The comfiest outfit i ever wore. Promise!
 Our boodle dinner! :D Its my first time to experience real boodle setting :)

 And boozzeee :D

And some pics from my instagram, a way to start a day :

Coffee made by my Kuya :)

and a way to end the day is:

Witnessing Davao's scenic sunset <3

So thats it i hope you enjoyed! :)
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  1. Wow,you are very beautiful!:)

  2. Youre so pretty! =)


  3. This made me wish I have a brother.


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