Friday, August 17, 2012

The Double Two Pt. One

 Whats with the Double Two? For a regular fashion blogger, you would know when a birthday is up! Why? Because giveaways are just around the corner! Teehee. As much as i love to throw a giveaway for everyone who stumbles here, I have been pretty much busy with my life right now, emotionally and most of all in school. :( So pardon me. After all im just a die hard fashion lover and not your usual brand ambassador fashion blogger! Haha but anyway i hope you'll enjoy my photodiary though of what i did during the day of my birthday! :) My birthday can never go without water. I must've some mermaid genes in me! Haha Kidding! So here's 22 pictures!
 This is the official Birthday Day Dress! I love the prints dont you? It comes with 5 available prints! And i got two, the best of two. For my eyes though! <3
All time fave!

 My partner <3
 From my life's recent event, to those who are following me on instagram and twitter knows :) This is the first thing i need in my life right now. A get-away. And this coconut just reminded me of one summer where i went away from it all and just breathe :(

 Wearing one of Papa's Christmas Gift of 2011, this cream sheer with lace inset top from WAGW :)
I hope you enjoyed my photos! And if you do, watch out for Part 2! :)


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