Friday, August 31, 2012

Recent Acquisitions: Printed Pants, and loads of Bags and something Jelly

And NO, i am not back in my shopping like a madman mode. Haha Nor being a frustrated shopper! Its just that its August, it's my birthday month and Life has bombard me with CRAZY SALES! Seriously :/
Not only that, because aside from sales i have recent discoveries, well its not actually a new discovery but its more like LOVE the second time around. And im talking about SM GTW, when i was in highschool i am a LOYAL SM Shopper. Seriously, but then i found some steals and deals, explored and fell out of love. Now i think i am inlove with SM again! I almost forgot how fab their clothes are. 

But anyway: Lets do the breakdown!

Okay sooo i have been looking for a bucket bag for a long time. And now here it is :)
And guess what? Its under the Renovation Sale of Metro Ayala Cebu, from 699 to 150 Pesos! SUPER STEAL!! :D

This shoulder bag from Accesorize! Which i superrr love! :)

The Messenger Bag in Classic Black
Original Price? 499
Sale Price 100!

You guys knew that printed pants are my current obsession! So here goes another two to my collection! :)
Snakeskin Pants from SM GTW
Floral Capri Pants from NEXT Jeans

 Something from WAGW :) because they are also having a GREAT WAGW SALE. See? How im bombarded with sales? And you know what else is on SALE? SM DEPARTMENT STORES!! I AM SOO DEAD :( Ill be going to SM tomorrow for my first underarm wax experience and it would hurt not too look whats on sale :( hahah

And Jelly Flats! Theyre so obesessive! Theyre comfortable, cheap and very durable! Got this for 59 pesos from 150. STEAL STEAL STEAL!! :) Im not really a fan of thong sandals but this one is so cheap and its jelly so theyll come in handy, one day :)

What have you got this month?



  1. cute bag, love the sandals

  2. love love the backpack... and OMG we have exactly the same snakeskin jeans!! i bought them on my recent trip to Manila... haha.. anyway tanks for the comment on my blog. of course id like to follow each other. i follow u now. hope to see u back!

    xo, Carla

    1. Thanks!! The pants are really flattering! :)

  3. hello there, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check out my blog post about it dear..

    Congratulations! have a lovely day..


  4. Love the Pants! Great Collection of Bags ♡
    i´m a new Follower

    kisses :)

  5. Great staff!Of course we can follow. I am following you now Plese follow me back:-)

  6. Damn cool bags, and I love the jeans! I feel pretty regretful about not stocking up more while we were in the Philippines :( anyways, sorry for the late reply, but I would love to follow each other, following you now

    1. You should when you get back!! :) thanks che!

  7. I LOVE those jeans and that bucket bag!



  8. O-m-g! I love the pants, hope to have those. And I'm a Bag lover! Hahaha
    Love the bags too. And Btw, August is my month too. Belated Happy Birthday to you dear. Xx


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