Friday, August 24, 2012

New Acquisitions: Florals, Sequined and Some Peplum

 Since i just recently turned a year older, we all know birthdays also means gifts. :)
And gifts can be tricky, so good thing that my family knows how complex i am, so i rarely get handpicked presents during my birthday, they let me pick instead or give me cash so i could choose what i want from them. And mind you it is easier that way:)

So here are my birthday acquisitions! :)


Because my heels are dominating and as you can see i only have 5 flats to abuse! And i wear flats most of the time. Specially in school :)
 Floral Maryjanes from Solemate.
Arent these the cutest?
You can wear them with anything, pants, shorts, dresses, with socks ;)

 Sequined Espadrilles!!
Lo and Behold, i chose gold. I had this photo posted on Instagram, because i was torn between the red one and the gold one. The red was so firey and shiny that it looked like a Christmas decor, but never the less, its still gorgeous, if i still have enough space for all my shoes, id prolly get both colors!

 Another floral pants?
Well why not? Its very chic, very me, and very fun!
Pants are necessities, in school and also for sundays in church, as a catholic, they provide a very strict dress code, so to make things fun PRINTED pants are my new obsession!
At least you feel good wearing them but hey, denims are classic and i have a number of pairs in my closet which i will not let go!

Speaking of which watch out for my post tomorrow for another series of Printed Pants! :)
 Peplum Skirt

Honestly, i really dont like the print, because aside from FLORALS dominating my closet. Next comes animal print which by the way , in a more specific print : Leopard. Haha but its the only cutest print available, so? A girls gotta do what she's gotta do. :)

The classic, whimsical, chic, mullet, hi-low, fishtail skirt!

These are all FOR NOW. Maybe. Haha
I hope you enjoyed them as much as i did!


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