Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fresh from the Rack

 Hello everyone! I just wanna say that i just recently discovered how to do this hair thing. Cute right? Tutorial yes? Soon! :) So as my title goes fresh from the rack, i consider these clothes fresh from the rack because its the first time ive actually worn them! Haha except for the shoes :)

 Wore this outfit on a No Uniform Day at school which falls on Wednesday. Dressing up inspires me to go to school! Haha i really wish we had no uniforms. But anywayy, dont you just loooove the floral pants? Its soo bright! It pops! Im lovin it, top favorite bottom! So expect moooore outfits with these pants. I have a nasty habit of repeating favorites! Haha As for the top? I got this gorgeous red top Downtown for 150 pesos! Steal? You bet!

 Since school means transferring from different classes, I opted to wear my AsianVogue heels! Why? Because theyre so comfortable! And i mean it!

 Aside from the outfit's freshness, whats also fresh is Carlo's camera. Since he is trying out a new hobby to start FRESH, he chose photography, and well as you can see i had tons of photos because i am officialy a test subject. For now, he says he likes landscapes and macro shots! He's trying out the BW effect. Haha 

 Top- Downtown Finds
Floral Pants-SM Ladies Department
Vintage Gold Belt- Etsy
Earrings-Downtown Finds

Cheers for my loooong weekend! Starts now :)

Photo Credit: (thanks <3)

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