Friday, August 10, 2012

Flightless Bird

This dress is one of the things i wiped from my closet, its more like a DIY. Its actually a long maxi dress, i cut at the bottom and made slits, apparently, i figured that as much as i want this dress i can never really make us of it that much. There are pieces that are only good for pictures haha but i want my clothes to be both. I dont want a pile of clothes unused. But anyway this was SOLD already just today. I really did not expected that this would sell first than my other clothes. I havent really worn them, but since this dress was an experiment. I sold it for 80 pesos. Steal.

On the other hand, i still cant contain myself with all the things that has happened around me.
The thought of my dad gone wont still stick to my head. And most of all i badly want to spend time with my long lost siblings so i could feel my papa. As you can see two of those photos i am holding on to my shoulders, its because i have a really big bad wound, the one i got from the accident, two weeks ago.
Its a series of UNFORTUNATE events. 
To everyone out there who's been complaining about your parents, i tell you to stop. Because you are even lucky you have them with you always.

Love them. You only live once. Make it right. I say this from the heart, please hear me from the heart.


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