Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Why fearless? 
Aside from the meaning of the word itself, i think that this outfit is fearless.
Leopard Print Robe, as you can see you cant just find robes or long cardigans in all the racks of clothing stores, and boutiques, aside from the fearless print, i think that its fearless to wear a robe. From the word itself ROBE. Haha But hey, we have really become innovative.
 Second, this firey red in aztec print.

 And lastly, this animal print (because i am confused which animal this belongs! haha) high waist two toned shorts which i got in MEDIUM and i never thought i was size SMALL when it comes to high waists, what i did? I personally altered them. Hand sewn. :)

 And this is also one of the very rare occasions that i use a clutch out, because first, i can never live with clutch alone, except for parties when i have heavy make up on, i have lots of stuffs to bring, planner, make up, wallet, and all of the stuffs i need. 

Wore this outfit on a Saturdate with the partner in celebration of our 20th month anniversary for a simple lunch date, just like we always do :)
Whats for lunch?
 Shrimps and Garlic! All time fave!
Adobong Kangkong (veggie)
 And Crispy Pata, as the restaurant labels themselves as the home of Crispy Pata. 
Definitely True :)

 Festive yes? We dined at one of our favorite restaurants Hukad /Golden Cowrie, which cater Filipino Foods, we also celebrated special events in our lives here, like our 21st birthdays :)
Leopard Robe-Closet Chic
Aztec Tube Top-Candies
Two toned high waist Shorts-The Second Shop
Black Clutch-Old
Accessories-Downtown Finds

What do you think?
Did my title went well with my outfit?
Or am i just confusing you? Haha

Let me know

Photos by Carlo Lopez


  1. Hi sweety, thanks for following my blog... im happy to follow back... btw, nice shorts huh! im happy to say that we have the same fabric but mine is a skirt which is made by my parents... you look so chic in that clothes...


    1. Wow really, would love to see that soon on your blog! :)

  2. Hi, Coleen!

    I'm sure I stumbled upon your blog before and I did. Saw your name in CFB's Faccebook page. Followed you already.

    BTW, naagian man taka when you had these photos taken. Haha! I was with my sister then. What a small world. Hope to meet you soon. =)

    1. Hello Chyrel!

      Indeed. Cebu is small gyud! And thats quite embarassing and funny at the same time! Hahaha :) Followed you too:) Likewise, cebu is a small place so i guess thats something we shouldnt worry :) haha

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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