Sunday, August 12, 2012

Don't Breakdown

 I have always been meaning to wear this Leopard skirt which OASAP sent over. And here goes. I love Sundays, its gives you a calm and laidback feel. Maybe its the thought that Sunday is the official restday anywhere in the world. Every Sunday, i always make it to a point to hear mass, as they all say it is the highest form of prayer and most importantly its one way of saying thanks for all the blessings that our creator has provided for us. And in my current state now, I really need God the most in my life. Not just now. But more than ever.

 Since the skirt is not so mini, i wore it to church. And paired it with this tee, which i wore also here with a pants. I never thought it would compliment so much on bandage skirt. I love how the fringe falls. And of course my trusted leather sling bag which i got from the boyfriends mom straight from Italy. Its actually my official shopping/grocery/mass bag :)
 Slipped on these Reva Cut out flats which i absolutely love! At first it squeezed the toes out of me! haha but then i gave it a chance and voila! Its now comfy like all the other flats i have. New shoes does that to your feet sometimes.

 One of my favorite shirts.
 Dont you just love the leopard print? I have so many leopard prints in my room but this one is just different. Theres something very striking here. Yes? And the cloth is thick. One of my fave bandage skirts! Thanks OASAP for sending this over!

Top- DIY
Flats-Reva via Designers Rack
Sling Bag-Boyfs Mom
Accessories-Downtown Finds

Sometimes in life, we deny things or tend to ignore things that hurts us. Later on, those pain will build a pile of crap and would just burst anytime. Just like how i couldnt believe my father passed away without even given the chance to see me personally. And today, i had a nasty nasty breakdown. And now im vulnerable. And i think its better than being numb. Because i can cry it out loud. I can express my feelings. Ive been trying to hold everything in one piece, but today. All else broke down.

Dont hold back.


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