Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All these Possibilities

 These are days when you want to try something, days you'd like to experiment. My friends and family knows i am not the sporty type of person, maybe when i was a kid, we were all active by then. During my elementary year, ive had some baseball, volleyball, soccer games that i have tried playing.

When i entered highschool, i developed my dancing skills by joining the Dance Club. The last time i wore rubber shoes was during P.E classes and i dread it. But humans are very innovative and then printed everything was born, or maybe it was before then but anyhow, when i saw this printed rubber shoes on the racks of SM Dept. Store, i had to have it. Even though i dont wear rubber shoes, i knew theyll come in handy one day.

I remember in my P.E class when we had wall climbing and i had to borrow a rubber shoes from someone who's foot's bigger than mine. Haha that was hilarious!
I also reasoned out that il be hitting the gym so i gotta have this! 

So it was one rainy day when i was supposed to meet up my boyfriend for coffee and i decided to wear this!
I think i was over the top by adding this sort-of-varsity jacket and made the look so sporty. Haha but hey i was just considering the rain! Haha

 Sighs, id like to say that this is a fail, but doesnt look that bad anyway, i just forgot so add some hint of girly-ness which embodies ME by the way! Soooo, ive thought about giving this jacket away but im a firm believer of 2nd chance! Haha So im gonna try this with a punch of girly girl:)
Shorts-SM Surplus Shop
Sling Bag-Boyf's Mom
Shoes-Juice from SM Dept. Store

Been very happy lately and getting a little busy! Despite everything i never thought id get good grades for my midterms! And speaking of which, id like to maintain those grades by signing off and make my stuffs and of course prepare!

Do share your thoughts?
Fail or not? haha :)

Photos by Carlo Lopez


  1. i love ur looks good on u Coleen!


  2. Thank you for visiting me!
    You are so cute and I love your Blog too :)
    yes! lets follow each other, followed now waiting for you.

  3. I adore the jacket! love the color..


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