Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aint a little bit Stronger

For all my INstagram followers, you would really get the gist on what is currently happening to me right now. For the benefit of those who dont, I currently lost a dear loved one who has completed my identity since the last two years of my life. My father. I have known him just two years ago, because im a baby out of wedlock. I know this things are a little private but i still chose to share because i have nothing to be ashamed of.
Upon knowing my father, i never got that chance to see him, until last monday, we finally meet, at the funeral parlor where he is laying. Its a very tragic story and i just could not write anything.

I am still starting to function. But i still space out. Saying it out loud still hurts. Hurts even more. When i came back to Cebu, i could not contain the sadness i am feeling. So i went to Bubble Bee to relax and unwind, because i had the toughest 2 days of my life.
 Bubble Bee Tea House has tje comfiest seats ever. They serve milk teas and other stuffs like finger foods and also slushed drinks.

 To kill time, we played scrabble, as it is one of our past times.

 Thats Taro milk tea and chocolate slush

 Coziest place yes?

Photos can really capture ones face. But the eyes never lies.
Its complicated and too revealing if i share all the details with you guys, but from this tragic story of mine. I can only say a few words. And i hope that you would listen to me.

Always forgive.
Out of anger we tend to say things we wish we did not, always take it back.
Never plant a grudge on any one.

Because one day in your life, these things will haunt you. If you let yourself and your anger, your pride get in the way. DO IT NOW. Before its too late.

Till then.

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