Monday, August 20, 2012

A part of this World screams Summer

 Ola from the Philippines! So let me finish all this birthday post/photos with these! :) Looks like summer? It aint summer here, but thank god we still have Sun unlike some parts of the Philippines :( As you can see the weather during my birth day was really nice and perfect for its setting, as i have said i can never go a birthday without the water, beach or pool take your pick :)

 Executive Optical Sunnies
WAGW Lace Inset Top

 Bikini from Ron Jon's Surf Shop

 Since it was a Monday, we had the place all to our selves! Haha not really, just few cottages were used. Some stay in guest were foreigners. Anyhow, i love how these photos gives you a Summer Feel yes?

Big thanks to my one and only partner for taking the shots!



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