Friday, July 20, 2012

This Just In

After along hiatus here i am again! And will be posting a little more. :) I was so busy with school and my boyfriend getting back! At last :) So expect more posts now that my partners back.

This Just In:
 VS bag c/o Carlo :) Thanks a lot bf <3
 Gold Pumps from Charlotte Russe from the Prince Still haha :)
 Corsets Overload! From F21, Romwe, 2020Ave
Guys please watch out because i will be selling some of my preloved clothes, most of them arent worn yet, its just me and my impulsive shopping! And of course Carlo got some stuffs in the US which we will be selling too at a price that wont hurt your wallet! For more details and updates keep coming back :) Orrr visit like my page :)
 Necklace from Charlotte Russe

 Charm bracelet from Charlotte Russe
 And two Vintage belt he got me from Etsy! :) Thank you soooo much BBF! <3
Maybelline Falsies and Baby Lips from Carlo. Their Baby Lips is so different from the baby lips we have here. Though i am so excited to try their Falsies! :)
And lastlyy! A dolphin ring <3
The dolphin and turtle figure means sso much in our relationship :) It sounds really cheesy but we kind of described our SMILES, yes our SMILES from those creatures, as you can see i have this big smile around me which he said looked like a dolphins and i swim like one too, well thats what he said, i dont know if thats a good thing though or not. But whichever a boyfriend is always biased haha and his smile holds the turtle youll notice soon! Haha

Sorry for this cheesy post! im still trying to process the beau is back <3

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