Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ShoePorn Pt. 1

 Ola! Thats one of my BoredomStrikes Pics :) Today because im bored again, i decided to play with my camera and no , i did not make love with my camera tonight but with my shoes and accessories. As the title goes SHOEPORN, i am a Shoe-a-holic, and these babies are just half of my collection :)

First Collection:
Leopard Collection
 Top L-R
Oxford Wedges -Old
T Strap Heels-Downtown Finds
Wedge-Qupid via isisbotique

Bottom L-R
Loafers- So! Fab
Peep Toe Pumps-Old

As you can see for the peep toe pumps, theyre so weary and old, for they are my first 4 inches pumps, and i cant let them go. :) I wished i numbered this shoes on the editor for an easier look hahah on Part 2 i will do just that

Color Collection

 These are my colored shoes
Top Left is from Shubizz
Top Right is from Parisian
and bottom is from AsianVogue
 My Accessories Pt.1

Ballet Flats
 Left Flats are both from SM Dept. Store theyre selling like pancakes, its from Solemates, the B1T1 :)
Right Flats, the black ones are from Downtown and the Purple is from Ayala :)

 Top L-R
Peep Toe Slingback Pumps from Shubizz
Pointy Pumps from Parisian
CrissCross Wedges from PRP

Bottom L-R
Nude Pumps-PRP
Elastic Straps Wedges-PRP
 Accessories Pt.2

Thong Sandals

This is all for now! Watch out for Part 2! 



  1. Coming soon.... More and more hehehe

  2. dang girl you have such huge collections! :O i only collect 12+ cm wedges and JC litas. may sounds stupid that i don't like flats just so that my relatives and friends can't borrow my shoes xD none of them can stand my standard shoes

    1. Hi Nava! Il take that as a compliments :) Flats are solesavers you should appreciate them! hehe :) Those JC Litas are to die for :)


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