Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heel-less and then some

Most of you already know what a heel-less is, so this post is dedicated for my baby: My new baby: Rajo Laurel in cooperation with SM Parisian shoes, brings you Heel-less shoes :) This weekend we were invited to a birthday party and i finally got the chance to wear this baby :)

Here's how my weekend went:
 Thats a hungry me @ Roma Mia, waiting for my Mobster Meal because i still have a party to attend to, only to find out that the slice of pizza i order was this big!
 So i sliced it half and gave it to my brother :) Though i couldnt help myself and i cant stop gushing about how heavenly their cheese are. My gosh!! This pizza is amazing, unbelievable! I dont know. Waaaaa fjdsnfhfncejnvdfvn okay.
 Some OOTD for the day, first night out of my Clothes Off cut-outs and i figured it needs alteration! But all in all, its good!
 Some interiors i think were interesting @ Marriott Hotel Cebu :)
 I love their carpet :)

 Blings and swag:)

 Vintage Beaded Bag

 I let my sister slip it on just to see how it would look like on pants! And et voila!
 And beautiful!! <3

Have you found your heel-less?


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