Sunday, July 29, 2012

Geek and Chic x Of Graduates and Non Grads

Its the time of the year again! Acquaintance Party! :) I love acquaintance party because it is one of the times i get to dress up for school. This years theme was Geek and Chic. I was supposed to infuse geek and chic for this night but unfortunately, earlier that day, i had encountered an accident which almost got me killed. Literally. But why do i sound happy? Because at that moment of Life and Death, i appreciated life even more, and most importantly, i still cant believe i am still alive. So its a celebration! :)

On to my outfit, i was supposed to don a bowtie, bustier, tutu skirt, socks and killer heels combo. But i cancelled the bowtie, threw on some military vest because i have a big injury on my shoulders haha and just went with the socks :)

 Can you see my earrings? I got it for 20 pesos at Metro :) Cheap thrills. I also threw on those big colorful bracelets because i figured that i need some color that pops!
 Bag and bracelets seemed to match perfectly well right?

 Outfit Shots taken by Marian Mei :)
Photos by Waltz cam :)
More highlight of the night was spending the time with my childhood friend Arpee whom i really really miss :)

Rings Galore

Trying to look suspicious haha

the beau <3

Waltz and Me :)


Listening to Arpee's rants :)

We stood still. Beau passed out. Lol

 Let the good times roll!

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