Monday, July 23, 2012

Fierce Flowers

As much as i want to sound happy right now that i have finally updated this blog, i just cant :(
If youre having a really bad day right now, might as well stop reading this. I just wanna share how bad my day was, to highlight it all, our pup died :( To those people who are following me on twitter would know that I am on instagram and i have been sharing a lot. Its quite addicting. You can follow me through coleenspeaks19 :)
And speaking of instagram, i also updated or lets say posted some previews for this blogpost! 

The print on print trend is on the rise obviously, and on my Uncle's First Mass, yes he was just ordained as a priest. I tried this trend. So here's my take on print on print.
 I chose this floral long sleeves because one i havent worn it yet and two, florals are dominating my closet. And paired with this Fierce pants because i am attending a mass, i am a catholic by the way and you what they say on showing some skin. Then paired with my Pointy mustard pumps, in kitten heels, because since its a family event, i thought it would be very active so high heels are a no-no.
 And of course some gold belt to spice up an outfit. Always works btw.
 Some bib necklace so my long sleeves would look at least interesting.

 Floral Top-Thrifted
Bib Necklace and Earrings-Downtown Finds
 Gold Belt-Vintage

Special Thanks to my Photos:
Credits to you sissy :)

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