Monday, July 30, 2012

Fashion Frustration

 Hello you guys! This is one of my vain-est photos that was supposed to blow up some time last month haha but i figured to use it in bits anyway.
Lets not define the photo but lets head on to the deets! Today, i just had some loots again! Accessories and some clothings but im gonna show only one today. So shall i start my Story?

Once upon a fashion show, i was asked to model. And since i wasnt really doing anything, i agreed, without expecting anything in return, but lo and behold, we were given GC's worth of 500. Better than nothing right? Dont get me wrong im nor ranting about the store or its management, its just me and my impulse and most of all me and my expectations. So i thought i could get something nice for 500 pesos on that certain store, but sadly i did not. As my GC was about to expire tomorrow i made use of it today. I was scanning through their countless racks, i saw this:
 the exact denim vest i wore to that show. I actually fell inlove with this the first time i laid eyes on this and wished they had given us what we showcased than GC's but GC's are way better than expected. Cause i expect none. Lol But anyway, to my surprised this denim vest cost more than what i had. I was told it was for 698, so me and my boyfriend, went for Doughnuts and deliberated, because first of all, call me crazy but i really want to feel i got something out from that fashion show which means not being able to cash out anything. But hey 200 isnt that bad for this vest right? So after the sweet treats we went back to the store and finally got it. Though i had some final fitting of course:)
 Upon paying at the cashier, they had the original tag hid under one of the pockets on this vest and now it says 798!! I was caught right in the middle and just paid but i was really frustrated because for one, their clothes can be seen downtown or in online shops for a much lesser price and their selling theirs as expensive as crazy. They dont even have this machine thing that prints receipt hahaha but anyway, the point is, its too frustrating because i did not feel i reaped what i sow when i devoured my time fitting and doing rehearsals for that show. For this:
 So this vest im gonna use you sooooooo harddddd!! Haha

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