Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thee Essentials

im talking about shoes! Shoes essentials, while we go out shopping for shoes, i realized i really havent gotten the essential colors of shoes must haves, and this entry goes out to it.
Go Jane is actually having a shoe sale, and when i say sale it means DROP OFF of prices. And upon browsing i stumbled on these essentials:

chunky platform heel
PUMPS: in red.

Ive always wanted to have something fuschia too, orrr sea green. Red and seagreen. Genie please appear.

woven design leatherette pump
crinkled peep toe heel
and something gold.

Sorry for my lack of focus. Im a little off today. So till next!
And make sure you get the essentials when you do your shoe shopping.
Red, Gold, Black, Silver and Nude :)

Silver doesnt really works for me haha


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