Sunday, June 3, 2012

Test Drive

Pink Bustier Dress - MissC

Sorry if im boring you out on these bustier dresses. Haha, but hey, its another scratch on the list. The list just keeps getting longer you know haha anyway, i wore this cute pink floral bustier dress on a fun filled shopping day with my sister and cousin. When i say shopping i meant for school this time, school shoes and supplies, but of course there will always be a little side buys, considering that its a 3 day sale. We rummaged SM for this day because when it comes to shopping i think that SM offers a lot to choose from, the only thing i hate about SM though is the choices of place to eat, thats where Ayala tops my list when it comes on where to dine. Anyway if you could just see i tamed my hair, which i sort of regreted but not really. Id like it if you leave me some comments on which hair looks better on me.:)

Thats Mark my cousin and my sister, Mark who miraculously went shopping too @ Mental. The one with the weird store but they also have weird selections of clothes which i absolutely love but not the price, for the style and design i just dont think it would cost that much, or for me its not worth it. But anyhoo, we checked out Radisson Blu for "dessert" after our lunch, hence this garden-ish photos, but literally we were there when SM opened haha Radisson is a place to be, i swear it has a really nice ambiance and its different from the other hotels ive been, so we  have been planning to experience their services, the buffet and the rooms also.
Moving on i also had a meet up for my MTO distressed and studded and dyed shorts from My fashion craze, the one on my previous post :) and here it is

I just love the tag :) Dont you?


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