Monday, June 25, 2012

My own 1st Day

So today is officially my first day of classes, when i say my, i say MINE. Haha Iv'e skipped a week and a half of my classes because one week was really and adjustment week and there aren't really not much teachers around and if there is, it's not a sure thing, because first week is adjustment, with all schedules, from students to teachers, THOUGH, i have missed half a week and missed the introduction stuffs and all, seat plans, of there was any. So today is my 1st for my Monday-Wednesday class.

I seriously HATE mondays, the traffic and the commotion. So i ran a little late for my first period but anyway, lemme just share with you the adventures of my 3 hour break haha I went to Krispy Kreme's so i'd have a place to stay for 3 hours -.-
Ordered my regular doughnut, the snickerrrrr-isshh and instead of Soda, i opted for water because i am practicing water theraphy which i am not very good at. But moving on, as you can see this is the famous hope in a bottle water, it cost me 35 pesos, and there's actually some stuffs written on the bottle that if you buy this on you are donating part of your money that has something to do with the construction of public schools. I'm not sure, but thats the idea anyway. haha
Forgive me, but i just have to ask, is it me? Or does Krispy Kreme really gives complimentary doughnuts? Haha because i recieved one today and i was a bit surprised and flattered because I noticed i was the only person with a complimentary doughnut, the original glazed, Yummm! Here goes my self centered-ness hahaha

My bling/swag for the day :)

My new shoes from Parisian!! Haha Too pointy, yes? I feel like a kiddo, no seriously, who doesnt get a little excitement to wear a new shoes on their first day? Haha I chose to wear kitten heels today and for the rest of the Mondays and Wednesdays of this semester because i only have two classes at our Main Campus. My less hassle campus. More on my other campus tomorrow! HAHA

Lastly, i occupied myself from filling in plans for the week along with my buddy Belle de Jour and mind you my week is now fully booked. Haha aaaaannd, my Romwe sunnies, which i didnt realize i was wearing it the whole time i was in Krispy Kreme because it was too light, not too dark but really shades you from the rays of the Sun! I love theeeesee sunnies <3

I seriously need some shut eye now. Haha


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