Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Closet Collection X Orotime Fashion Show (BTS)

As ive said on my previous post about some rehearsal thingy i was doing last weekend, I am now showing you some BTS ( Behind the Scenes) of the said event. I havent really took much pictures because one my camera is like crap, i seriously dont know what went wrong with its setting. :( Two, its on its way to dead batt, unlike Allen Soco our MUA who was alive the whole night and full charged. Haha. And 3rd we were so busy catching up with the girls, specially talking about common friends and the likes. But anyway here goes:

This is my old friend Kai, we use to model together wayyy back 2008 :) And we dont really hang out or talk to each other that much, but when we see each other our friendship stays the same :)
 So thats US, waiting..... unfortunately the show was a little delayed because of technical problems. Girl on the left-est, is Miss Mandaue 2012 Nicole Tuazon, it was a pleasure meeting her, because she's very humble, and friendly, considering of the things that she has achieved, I've read about her before i met her, that she graduated Cum Laude in ECE @ USC, from where I am currently studying. And now, she's an up and coming beauty queen and a model.

 This is Mariecar Angelique, an upcoming freshmen student @ USC also! 
 Girl on my left is  Carmela, my schoolmate, and is now a Certified Public Accountant. makes me shrink, cause these girls are my batchmates, yet im still studying. And Kai also graduated @ USC too, in Nursing. So, most of us really are from the same school, just different campuses.
 Our yummy ensembles for the nights show.

 With Jay-R Siaboc

 Its really necessary to wear button downs, on shows, shoots and events. :)
 My extensions were gorgggg! makes me miss my long hair more :(
Ending this diary with Jay-R Siaboc and Blurred. -.-


Tomorrow's officially the first day of class, but im still making some adjustments from my sched. So fingers crossed! XD

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