Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Boys

Lemme share this photo with you taken last Saturday afternoon when NONE of my recent purchases online were successful.
Shoes and Top had defects and the floral shorts was wrong. :/
Haha, oh the bad side of online shopping. But anyway, since i did not spend last Saturday for myself, I shopped for the boys instead :)
A shoes and Shirts for my Baby Bro, and my Beau. :)
And we had dinner at dessert factoryyy YUMMM.

I also got my shorts from The Second Shop. So as an online shopper I really think it is too risky to buy bottoms online, best if you could really fit the item. Haha. My shorts came in too big for me, and im too afraid to let it altered it might damage the design since its made of faux leather :/
This is my 3rd FAIL shorts ordered online.

But, the highlight of the day was good food and my Closet Chic robe which was perfection!! :)
Till then,,, because tomorrow is my first day of classes hahah and classes started one week and a half ago. Great. Lol


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