Friday, June 29, 2012

Love X Shoe Shopping Metaphor

Hello! Blogging here from the core part of my room, which is the center of the bed! Haha. I guess i am just bored and just wanna make a blog entry. Though i have to warn you that this is not just about fashion, its a little personal and sensitive too. So bear with me.

I am the kind of person who thinks too much, and when i say think too much, you can just imagine also and think too much how i think too much hahah kidding. but yeah anyway, i am also the kind of person who connects everything into something, and apply it in life. Take for example my recent shoe shopping.

For quite sometime now, I am searching for the perfect yummy pair of shoes and yes i found one and even blogged about it.
Though unfortunately it came in defective so i had to ask for refund, and so the search goes on, if you have clicked that link you'll see how i was inlove with the color aqua.

So here it goes, as i continued my search for the perfect yummy pair, i came across a lot of pairs and ended up TORN between two pairs:

As you can see the Aqua that i found recently is the color similar to what i found first, and Aqua was really my first choice. BUT, i am torn with the torquiose shoes because the pop of color would really blend in my skin plus i love the kind of heel it has, not chunky but not thin.

So as usual i started weighing them both and took me more than an hour before i could finally decide.
As i laid out the things about these two shoes, Pro's and Con' always works. I realize something.

But first lemme just show you my Pros and Cons

For the Torquoise Shoes , i really think the color would fit my skin pretty well and would look really good on me, and its unique heels too. But as for the cons, it is not what i first liked and it could hurt my soles in the long run because its not as chunky as the aqua.

So for the Aqua shoes, yes its chunky, and chunky is just like wearing wedges, so they are of comfort, and then the color is my first love.

At this point in time, my relationship is on the brink of falling, well of course im not going into details but even the simplest choices in life, affects the way how we handle big decisions as well, I came to think of Aqua as  my boyfriend, and since we are not in a very good state right now, because LDR is such a pain the ass,  and Turquoise to be someone, someone better, someone unique, like what if there was someone who would really come along, I would also be torn just like how i was torn with the shoes, of course we would want something better, but there's something with that aqua that holds my heart. 

I realized also that this Torq shoes would look physically lovely on me, but would just hurt me in the long run, but hey i know its just a shoes but you could really apply, but this aqua, which the color isnt new to me but im sure it will always give comfort to my soles, just like in life.

The main point here is, if someone better comes along, would you leave the other one for the better one? I know for myself that i have answered that question a loong time ago, and time has proven me all throughout this years that the right thing to do is to always stick to your first commitment. And you'll never regret anything!

I know this is cheesy but yes this is me and this is how i think. This is how i see things and life.

Goodnight everyone!

To my boyfriend, Carlo, if youre reading this, which im sure you will the second this post goes public. I'll wait 18 nights for you. I just want you to know, ill never exchange you for anyone in this world :)

Yes, i choose aqua and checked out :)

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