Friday, June 15, 2012

Live Free!

 I know its a little too late for this outfit, but this is actually inspired by our own Philippine Flag, since we just recently celebrated our Independence Day last Tuesday, but anyway this post is a little sensitive. You might be wondering where these photos are taken, because for me i find it oddly beautiful, haha and it doesnt even look like a regular room. This is a hospital room, as of the moment my sister is currently confined, because of having on and off fever, but there arent clear results yet of what the viral infection is. But dont get me wrong she did not took these photos, my Mom did. Haha so pwede na? I really like this first photo because its against the light and turning it Black and White makes it dramatic. 

Last week, my brother was confined for some serious medical check-ups, and i have been visiting him, and me and my sister always wonder what it would look like to take outfit shots against these windows, little did we know, we are in the same building again haha and we really did this, my mom was so game, that she locked the doors incase some nurse or doctors would barge in. So here are the rest of the photos.

 Red/Yellow Top-GG5
Blue bow shorts-GG5
 Pastel thin bangles- Downtown Finds

 As usual these clothes were laid in my closet waiting to be used, theyre part of my summer buys soo, im making use. And in a perfect timing ;) My mom surprisingly had good shots, maybe all those stage mothering really paid off haha i miss those though, me and my mom and pageants, shows. :)
 If you happen to notice the blinds are cuter because my sister is 14 y.o and she still belongs to the PEDIA area, i did not know that until now, I was lost when i got there, when the nurses asked me if im visiting a kid, of course i said no. Lol
 I'm def lovin my new HW bow shorts in royal blue/green combo :)
Lastly, my favorite shot of all. If you happen to notice recently i am inlove with this shoes <3
Leopard Loafers from So! Fab

I actually got this on sale for 499! But anyway, So! Fab has poor quality when it comes to shoes, so i had this stitched inside and outside because i'm just inlove with these :)

Moving on,  speaking of Indepence and Patriotism, I will also celebrate 4th of July because today i just got my Made To Order US flag shorts from My Fashion Craze, I swear they are the best in town. Their studded/dyed shorts are just perfect and very affordable, and the quality of the jeans they have? Purrrfection. So here's a glimpse of my shorts!
Dont you just love it??

You can also browse your own styles of what you want online and can pm My Fashion Craze if they can do what you want just like i did when i first ordered. <3

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