Monday, June 18, 2012

Leather in the Sun

Crocheted Cardigan-Old
Ribbed Cut Top-Thrifted
 Ring-Downtown Finds

 Peacock Necklace-DIY
 Fauz Leather Legggings with mesh inset- OASAP
 Bangles-Downtown Finds

Oxford Wedges- Old

Ive been meaning to wear this Faux leather leggings with mesh inset sent by Oasap. They just arrived from the post last week :) So i took it out on a spin to another trip to the hospital to visit my sick photographer haha I kid, my sister's getting better now and i am hoping for her fast recovery, and also my trip from banks to bank to drop off payments for my orders @ The Second Shop and Closet Chic.

Most frustrating thing is, The Second Shop's along with their PA which is Meg is the only person who's been accommodating me, they even provided me a number on their invoice for me to text  upon payment and even said IMMEDIATELY and i have heard no single word upon confirmation for my payment, I am now hating online shopping outside Metro Cebu >.<

And as for Closet Chic, the seller has not provided me with her contact number, and the store barely goes online.

I am not badmouthing these Online Shops but hey, first impression from a first customer sucks.
To think they offer great selection of clothes and gives services as this. 

Enough with the bad vibes, moving on..
I am loving this mesh details from my leggings dont you? I was really having a hard time looking for a top to match this one, but then i stumbled upon the depths of my closet and found this ribbed cut cream top that i havent really used, well today is actually its second time out. And it blend perfectly well, to avoid stares because its really ripped from both sides, I grabbed my crocheted cardigan and off i go. The heat is insane today which makes it more frustrating. I need to doze off to shake this bad vibes away!!

X and O's

Noticed my ring and necklace actually comes from Peacocks. Lol


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