Thursday, June 7, 2012

Downtown Finds

All from Downtown.

Today I went shopping with my sister downtown!! And Uptown too ;)
Anyways, these are my loots, this afternoon. Its been awhile since i last visited my favorite accessory shop downtown, all of this i got for a very cheap price , when i say cheap its really cheap, all earings are below 50 pesos, necklaces are not more than 200 pesos, rings are less than 50 pesos, and bracelets not more than 200 pesos!! Its always a splurge! Thats why i always make it to a point of visiting once or twice a month, but earlier this year i havent really visited, or maybe the last time was january. I forgot :(
But anyhow, now that i got a new shopping buddy (SIS) itll always be an exciting trip!!

Enrollments Starting, Im Stressed. Class in a few days!


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