Saturday, June 9, 2012

Animal Instincts

 Hello everyone! I have gone headless! Cornyy! Haha Just gonna share my OOTD when i went for my final rehearsal for this Monday's Fashion Show. :)
 Old Top
 DIY Shorts
YRYS belt
 Bracelets - Downtown Finds
 SM Department Store Bag
 So! Fab Loafers

So, if you have noticed leopard print has been a trend, sometimes it gets overrated, but it all depends somehow, as for me, i followed the bandwagon of this trend, obviously. For today, i was really having a hard time picking up something to wear from my closet, so I opted to wear the basic top+shorts combo.
I dont wanna look feminine today because ive been looking all girly lately. And i also wanna take this shorts for a spin. I personally made them. I dont know but the top just went with the shorts pretty well, and ive been enjoying the comfort of these loafers lately, and this bag just happen to fit my shoes "heels" for the rehearsal. I guess thats what you call animal instinct. Even in clothes hahaha
 This is where we did the fitting and the final rehearsal!
More about this on Monday!
 Thats my sister, my bestfriend, and my current partner, it really pays to have a sister, she's lovely i know. Haha My photographer also as of the moment.


June has begun and some classes have started, i just wanna show how cutely ready I am for classes. When I was a freshie, I really opted for a binder cause its something new, but then ive grown tired of it, and opted for envelopes and binder refills with cute covers, and well ive grown tired of it again, so i chose notebooks, divided personally :)
 My love for shoes, for my MW classes 
And some PARIS inspiration for my TTHF classes :)


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