Monday, May 14, 2012

When the city gets toxic

When the city gets really toxic, all you have to do is to find that one piece of heave, pack your bags, bring your bestest friends, and getaway! In this case WE, took the chance and did all the craziest legal stuffs we could!! (i.e skinny dipping) And we had a blast!

 We decided to visit the Island of Malapascua, its white sands, its friendly people and most of all there are series of resorts just at the beachfront, all of which has vast choices of budget friendly to splurge friendly. Alas, when we got there the place was FULLY BOOKED! Because it was the island's annual fiesta celebration. But we managed to book a room not at the beachfront though, but it was worth it, it a native resort with pool and just located at the back of all those beachfront resorts!
 Our sumptous late lunch @ Exotic Resto.

Bikini Top-Shopeteer
Black Mullet- DIY
Lipstick rubber sandals

I was supposed to test drive my Grendha sandals but i was too afraid to use it! Haha though these lipstick sandals has been my bestfriend for quite some time now <3

beach essentials
Cape fringed sheer cardigan used as cover up from Olive des Olive
And Romwe Sunnies:)
Phot Diaries coming up soon <3
Still waiting for all the girl's photos.
Anyway, ive been feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated after that loooong weekend we've had.
And now im back in the city and that means i have to focus on class.
Though on a lighter note classes are gonna end next week :D

X and O's

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